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 When I look at Webster’s dictionary it says that to “minister” means to attend to the needs of the people. Yet there are people who throw this title around like a Frisbee. Using it as a way to benefit their living situation but not the people that they are suppose to be ministering to.
It says that a “prophet” utters divine revelation. Divine revelation would equate to being a Word from God and in most cases a warning of some type. But warnings don’t make people warm and fuzzy. It doesn’t make them want to spend money; so instead of what God is saying the self proclaimed prophets give illusions of grandeur. “Money is coming” “Love is coming” “homes and cars are coming” so the people get happy and drop more money in the plate.
 And it is said that a “pastor” is a minister who is the head of a church or congregation.  So the pastor is still suppose to attend to the needs of the people while leading the organization. The basic needs of people is food, shelter, and believe it or not love. Lonely, unloved people tend to be unhealthy and die younger than those, in loving, caring environments. This is important because the pastor should be tending to the needs of the people not just the congregation but also the people living in the area surrounding the church. If the church is prospering the people should also be prospering. No one should be hungry or without basic clothing in that situation.
Some of us want the respect of the title but don’t want to put in the work. Or only work when the camera is rolling. But scripture tells us “That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.” Matthew 6:4 so why is doing what you are suppose to do a main event, or reason for applaud?
Here is a simple example: We refer to Paul who was once Saul of Tarsus as Apostle Paul; but Paul himself did not begin each book of the New Testament that he wrote with calling himself such he referred to himself in some as a servant, in others a prisoner. But you knew based on the things that he was known for what his position was.
Let your works be of such good merit and consistency that people know your position without you having to tell them.
There are hurting people, hungry people, and lonely people around us everyday….what have we done for them lately?
If we each helped one person the change would be great …think about it.
Now this is not just taking place in the ministry, this also takes place with people in business.
You have sole proprietors who call themselves CEO because it sounds good not realizing that the CEO (chief executive officer) is the highest ranking person in a corporate organization; but not the owner. MY point in this example is the desire to have a title that sounds good or important but not doing the work or even knowing what the work is that goes with it.
No matter what title you may carry in reality your lifestyle will speak for you. The respect you receive will be based on who you really are not who you say you are it is just a matter of time.